“Supporting Adults With Developmental Disabilities With A Place to Live, Work, and Play”

Since 1990 California Vocations has provided a day program for adults with developmental disabilities.

COVE is a community-based program that provides activities to suit each individual’s interests and abilities.

Day program attendees are picked up and taken to the COVE program where they get into groups structured around different activities. A typical day includes taking part in a work, recreational and social activity. We structure our client’s day based on the individual, their abilities and personal preference.

Individuals involved in the day program have the opportunity to gain experience working and volunteering in the community with job opportunities.

COVE Activities

The activities our clients take part in help them develop different skills. Specific activities fall into these five categories:

  1. Work
    • Business and employment opportunities
  2. Social
    • Etiquette and manners
    • Shopping
    • Banking/money management
    • Group interaction
    • Leisure skills
  3. Education
    • Computer skills
    • College classes
  4. Communication
    • Augmented communication systems
    • Sign language
  5. Recreational/Fitness
    • Exercise
    • Bowling
    • Movies
    • Gardening
    • Swimming
    • Arts and crafts
    • Music
California Vocations Day Program