“Supporting Adults With Developmental Disabilities With A Place to Live, Work, and Play”


When the Camp Fire swept through the Town of Paradise, our entire community suffered great loses as > 90% of the community lost their homes and jobs. At California Vocations we lost most of our infrastructure, including all our offices, and most of our client housing, vehicles, and equipment. The silver lining to this terrible disaster is that we were able to get all our clients and staff out safety. Although the last 2 years have been chaotic and stressful, the CalVoc family has been working tirelessly to secure housing for our clients and employees, get our day programs running, and provide furniture and clothing in a tireless effort to get back a version of normalcy.

Our ability to overcome the unprecedented hurdle of the Camp Fire demonstrates CVI’s core values are strong and our commitment and dedication unshakeable. We feel the same strong dedication to everyone who passes through our doors, the same commitment to excellence, and the same respect for the talents and aspirations, dreams, and desires of the individuals and families who have come to us as an integral life support partner.

Needs are particularly great now as we are seeing our greatest demand for services. We have had to continually shift how we deliver services and create supports to assist each individual in navigating the difficulties we have encountered since the Camp Fire. Exploring new communities learning to belong and develop new community relationships, learning to identify personal needs and interests, and increasing independence to live the life each person wants has been our goal. Additional adjustments have been made during the last 2 years of the pandemic by working from the individual’s homes and requiring increased technology to maintain social ties and shared group activities while maintaining the safety of the individuals we support. The communities we serve are now spread out from Gridley and Oroville to Orland and Corning and up into Paradise and Magalia. Continuing our program through multiple locations with increased technology needs have us working outside our normal budget.  Further, the state is predicting a moderate deficit this year and a horrendous deficit next year which will pass along further un-allocated budget reductions to providers like CVI.

Your support would allow us to strengthen our ability to supply residential, vocational, day program, and behavioral health services which are fundamental in providing quality of life for adults with I/DD, as well as their families, and care givers.